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“Dũng sĩ Hesman” (Hero Hesman), a long-running Vietnamese superhero comic series created by artist Nguyen Hung Lan, was a fad in the early 1990s. The Hesman Legend project, launched in honor of the 30th anniversary of the “Hero Hesman” publication, is developed by Hesman Studio in an attempt to revive this classical work as well as evoke the national spirit of the young generation.
Hesman Legend is a pioneer project for the blockchainization of comics in Vietnam. In addition to producing Investment Certificate NFTs, Hesman Studio also releases NFT models of favorable characters, so that fans can use utilities in the Hesman Legend ecosystem such as possessing the original version, models of characters, and so on.

Our Team

Đinh Anh Quan


In 2013, Mr. Quan gained great success in the first game project called Chicken War. Within over 5 years of hard word, Mr. Quan and his colleagues had launched some projects such as Phong Van Mobile, Dai su huynh and especially Tinh vo lam which is inspired by Mobile Legendary Martial Arts. He used to work at various well-known companies and corporations in Vietnam such as Viettel, Tinh Van, VC Corp, etc.

Trinh Nam Phong


He is a partner of CEO Dinh Anh Quan in many successful joint products such as Chicken War, Tinh Vo Lam, etc. He has 8 years of experience in Java, mobile game programming at large technology and software companies like FPT Software and VNP Group. Currently, he works as Tech Manager at FPT Software.

Đinh Quang Huy

Lead Game Design

With a passion for games since childhood, Dinh Quang Huy has 8 years of experience working in game design in big companies like VC Corp, VNP and Tripsoft. While working in these companies, he developed numerous products with complex systems, absolute balance and rich contents. He especially loves to experience and research into famous games such as Diablo, Mobile Legendary Martial Arts, Dota and others to complete his products.

Nguyen Hung Lan

Cố vấn

Artist Nguyen Hung Lan, born in 1956, is one of a handful of Vietnamese comic artists having gained great achievements.
In addition to “Hero Hesman” - a hit comic in Vietnam, he also illustrated a huge number of comic series such as Siêu nhân Việt Nam (Vietnamese Superheroes), Cô Tiên Xanh (The Blue Fairy), and books such as Võ sĩ đạo Samurai (Samurai), One Thousand and One Night, Gương sáng tuổi xanh (Good role models for children) and others. The number of his comics which have been published since 1987 is nearly 700 volumes of all genres.

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