FundGo has been cooperating and investing in many fields such as finance, technology, education, healthcare, film, music, sport, and jewelry.


FundGo is on a mission to become a financial launchpad and consultant for startup businesses and projects from their initial stages, thereby promoting digital transformation in the Mekong Delta in particular and Vietnam in general.


Fields of investment


Delta Labs is a company developing software and platforms that apply blockchain technology, with the mission of providing new solutions and building high-quality human resources for Vietnam's technology industry.
Smart digital wallet Bitback is an entertaining and reward application in Vietnam, which is developed to make Bitcoin and other tokens more accessible to many users.
PHUSA Biochem is a pioneer company in many fields of Genetic engineering such as Oligo synthesis, artificial DNA synthesis, PCR test kit, etc.
Samaki Power Joint Stock Company is a pharmaceutical business and manufactures masks.
HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company is an innovative startup enterprise which applies 4.0 technology in business with a pioneering project called HanaGold.
LiveTrade creates a FinTech ecosystem, connecting investors and enterprises in both traditional and digital financial markets.
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