FUNDGO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with VINK


FUNDGO Startup and Innovation Fund signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Vietnamese Innovation Network in Korea (VINK). Both parties will collaborate to support, exploit and connect resources to develop Vietnam's innovation startup ecosystem

FUNDGO and VINK have agreed to a long-term partnership based on the principle of bilateral cooperation, committing to support each other in all aspects of the process of partnership. According to the agreement, FUNDGO and VINK will consider and collaborate to provide financial, technological, and marketing support for enterprises and projects within the ecosystems of both parties and create favorable conditions for these organizations to participate in innovative startup competitions in Vietnam and Korea. Furthermore, the two parties will assist each other in accessing investment funds in Vietnam, Korea, and other countries. In particular, FUNDGO and VINK will consult and provide the Government and state agencies with knowledge and experience in the fields of blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse to promote national digital transformation. 

FUNDGO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with VINK

This partnership is regarded as the foundation for both parties to develop a detailed cooperation plan in order to effectively exploit each other's resources and advantages and accomplish the agreed-upon goals. Representatives from the two parties express their pleasure and believe that the cooperation will create more development opportunities in the future.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong, CEO of TRUSTpay Joint Stock Company (the Fund's Managing Company) affirmed: “It is our honor to sign a strategic partnership agreement with VINK. We think that working with VINK will give the Fund more opportunities to connect with enterprises, investment funds, and businesses in Korea. In addition, we expect that VINK will serve as a hub for updating and disseminating knowledge about cutting-edge technologies from Korea to Vietnam.”

Cooperating with FUNDGO, Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuoc, CEO of Vietnam Innovation Network in Korea shared: “After learning and discussing with FUNDGO, we highly value FUNDGO's experience and expertise in fostering the innovative startup ecosystem. We believe that, when FUNDGO becomes our strategic partner, we can build up our strengths, cooperate and invest in more innovative startups and projects in Vietnam.”

The partnership between FUNDGO and VINK represents a new step in their cooperation and offers both parties a chance to realize their mission of creating a vibrant startup ecosystem in Vietnam. 

About VINK: an organization gathering Vietnamese experts and intellectuals living in Korea to promote cooperation between the two countries based on innovation exchange. VINK was established on July 31, 2021, under the auspices of the Vietnam National Innovation Center (NIC) and the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, under the witness and support of the Embassy of Vietnam in Korea, Office of Science and Technology in Korea, and Investment Department of the Embassy of Vietnam in Korea.

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