FUNDGO Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with METAX: Empowering Vietnam's Innovation Startup Ecosystem 


On October 17, 2022, FUNDGO Startup and Innovation Fund signed a strategic cooperation agreement with METAX Technology Joint Stock Company. Both parties have committed to a long-term partnership on the principle of bilateral cooperation and mutual support for sustainable development.

FUNDGO and METAX aim to be long-term strategic partners on the basis of potential exploitation and business efficiency and competitiveness improvement. Accordingly, FUNDGO and METAX will jointly attend and support events co-organized by either or both parties in Vietnam. In addition, the Fund will consider aiding METAX in terms of financial resources and marketing. At the same time, both sides will also assist each other in competitions on innovative startups such as TECHFEST, Finnovation, etc. in Vietnam and other countries.

FUNDGO and METAX sign a strategic cooperation agreement.

Mr. Tony Quach – CEO of METAX affirmed, “FUNDGO is a reliable partner that not only finances us but also helps us expand our partnership network, and introduce products and services to startups and new partners to develop our brand.”</em

On behalf of FUNDGO, Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong – Director of TRUSTpay, the fund’s managing company shared, :“Speaking of this strategic partnership, FUNDGO highly appreciates the expertise and experience of the METAX team. We believe that METAX will be a reputable partner that can join FUNDGO in backing startups and contribute to the national digital transformation.”</em

The signing of strategic cooperation between FUNDGO and METAX is an important milestone. It is not only a cooperation for mutual development, but also an opportunity for both to foster the sustainable development of Vietnam's innovation startup ecosystem. 

About METAX: METAX Technology Joint Stock Company is an one-stop blockchain agency for all clients seeking to apply blockchain or employ a comprehensive growing method for their products. METAX presents a solid foundation from marketing strategy to product development with Web3 services.

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