Techfest Vietnam 2022: Open Innovation Ecosystem - The Next Big Think


From December 2 to 4, the National Innovative Entrepreneurship Day (Techfest Vietnam 2022) themed “Open Innovation Ecosystem - The Next Big Think” will take place at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Binh Duong Province, B11 Hung Vuong Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

Techfest is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and several organizations. Since its inaugural event in 2015, Techfest has drawn more than 20,000 participants, 2,600 startup companies and 1,000 domestic and foreign investors.   

Techfest Vietnam 2022 has a goal towards comprehensive open innovation.

Techfest will be held for the eighth time in 2022. To address issues relating to innovation startups in Vietnam, the Ministry of Science and Technology has collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to invite Vietnamese specialists who are living and working abroad to attend the event. Compared with previous years, Techfest 2022 has grown in scale and number of participants. In addition to the exhibition with more than 250 booths of innovative startup products and services, Techfest Vietnam 2022 includes 30 seminars and workshops on technology trends, investment connections, sharing experiences in promoting innovative startup ecosystems and transformation to adapt and recover after the pandemic.

With the theme “Open Innovation Ecosystem – The Next Big Think”, Techfest aspires to encourage and raise the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship to all walks of life as well as seek innovative solutions from startups. Particularly, the event aims to solve problems related to training and fostering human resources to meet the market demand, settling employment, recovering the post-pandemic economy, and applying technology to manage post-COVID-19 difficulties, thereby creating good values for future generations.

FUNDGO together with Techfest Vietnam 2022 promote sustainable development of the national startup ecosystem. 

Cooperating with Techfest Vietnam 2022, FUNDGO is able to reach deeper into the startup ecosystem of Vietnam as well as other developed countries. Also at the program, FUNDGO and companies/projects in the Fund's ecosystem will set up exhibition booths to introduce scientific and technological products and achievements to other businesses and visitors. This is also an opportunity for the Fund’s ecosystem to learn and connect with reputable domestic and international experts and investors. 

Techfest Vietnam 2022 will draw a range of domestic and foreign innovative startups, businesses and projects. As a participant of the program, FUNDGO will provide full support and join hands to deliver more value to the Vietnamese innovation startup community. 



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