FUNDGO Center for Innovative Enterprise Investment, Research and Development was Officially Launched: Continuing the Mission of Supporting and Accompanying Vietnamese Enterprises


FUNDGO Center for Innovative Enterprise Investment, Research and Development was officially inaugurated on December 9. The event, which took place at Can Tho Science and Technology Application, drew approximately 100 distinguished guests, including representatives from agencies, departments, media, media, and investment funds and businesses in Can Tho and other Mekong Delta provinces.

The Center was born to support innovative startups within and without the Mekong Delta. Additionally, the Center aims to strengthen research and investment in potential innovative projects. Besides, the Center will maximize resources to create a firm foundation for the development of enterprises while enabling them to connect with investors as well as apply modern science and technology into their business. 

The Center was launched to implement the Mekong Delta region's and the country's overall innovation guidelines and orientations. The Center's activities to support and develop the startup ecosystem will help to promote the renewal of the economic growth model based on advanced and modern science and technology development. Simultaneously, the Center will collaborate with universities and research institutes both within and outside the region to plan training programs and develop high-quality scientific and technical human resources for economic development.

The launching ceremony of the Center took place successfully on the morning of December 9.

At the ceremony, Mr. Le Quoc Huy was appointed Director of the Center and Mr. Pham Tan Hung held the position of Deputy Director. The establishment ceremony took place within the framework of the Seminar on Biotechnology Application in Production, with the participation of Ms. Tran Hoai Phuong, Deputy Director of Can Tho Department of Science and Technology; Mr. Truong Hoang Phuong, Deputy Director of Can Tho Department of Science and Technology; Ms. Ho Thi Diep Thuy - Deputy Director of Long An Department of Science and Technology; Ms. Nguyen Thi To Uyenm, Director of Can Tho Science and Technology Application; Mr. Dinh Tuan Kiet, Chairman of FUNDGO and Young Business People Association of Can Tho City ; Mr. Vuong Le Vinh Nhan, Co-Founder and CEO of FUNDGO; Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong, CEO of FUNDGO’s managing company and representatives of various agencies and businesses in Can Tho city and Mekong Delta provinces.

An overview of the establishment event.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong, CEO of TRUSTpay Joint Stock Company, FUNDGO's Fund managing company, stated at the ceremony, “The Center will strive to become a leading prestigious organization in promoting, connecting, investing in technology, commercializing ideas, supporting projects and businesses to easily transfer technology. Furthermore, the center will support companies to research and develop new technology platforms to assist Vietnamese businesses in increasing their market competitiveness. We believe that the Center will be a great success and meet many practical needs. It is hoped that the Center will gain the trust and support of local authorities, projects, and businesses in order to achieve its objectives.”

Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong spoke at the event.

Furthermore, as part of the seminar, a cooperation between Can Tho Technology Application Center and two companies from the FUNDGO Fund ecosystem was held, including HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company and Run Together Sports Technology Joint Stock Company. The agreement enables these organizations to conduct research and develop new products based on the intellectual property of science and technology enterprises in order to support the innovation startup ecosystem.

The partnership represents a new step in their cooperation.

The Center's establishment expands opportunities for businesses and startups to receive more assistance in the process of applying science and technology to production, business, and innovation. The Center will play an important role in developing Vietnam's innovation startup ecosystem, as well as assisting businesses, individuals, and organizations in leveraging the resources and opportunities inherent in the 4.0 revolution.

Here are some images from the event: 



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