FUNDGO and the First NFT Union in Vietnam Initiate a Firm Foundation for National Digital Economy


On November 22, 2022, the Establishment Ceremony of NFT Union was successfully held at Hotel Majestic Saigon, 1 Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The ceremony welcomed large organizations from the blockchain industry in general, and NFT filed in particular, as well as representatives from enterprises, investment funds, and the technology community who are interested in NFT. 

The term NFT (Non-fungible token) was coined in 2017, which refers to a unit of data on a digital ledger called blockchain. Each NFT can represent a unique file so they are not interchangeable. With strong growth potential, NFT is widely applied in all fields. They are expected to become an effective solution in protecting assets in general and intellectual property rights in particular. 

Delegates at the Establishment Ceremony of NFT Union.

The NFT market in Vietnam is also expanding rapidly. Our country is one of the three countries with the most NFT users in Southeast Asia. The NFT game market in Vietnam, in particular, is extremely exciting as of mid-2021, developing a new trend and demonstrating significant growth potential in the near future. Recognizing the available strengths and potential, FUNDGO Startup and Innovation Fund collaborated with other organizations to form the NFT Union. 

The Union’s mission is to serve as a solid foundation for the Vietnamese NFT market and empower the country’s digital asset sector to thrive and keep pace with the global latest trends. The Union gathers leading experts and organizations in the field of digital assets to cooperate, develop strategies for the development of NFT in Vietnam, and connect with the global NFT community, fostering long-term growth of the digital economy.

The Union was established on the principle of joining hands to develop the Vietnamese NFT community.

At the event, Mr. Vuong Le Vinh Nhan - Co-Founder & CEO of FUNDGO Startup and Innovation Fund, is appointed as the Chairman of the Union; Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thang - Chief Advisor of FUNDGO and Chairman of Digital Asset Management Center (TSS), holds the title of Honorary Chairman of the Union; Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Vice Chairman of FUNDGO and Chairman of Digital Transformation Alliance (DTS), becomes Vice Chairman of the Union; Mr. Luong Hoang Hung - Co-Chairman of FUNDGO and Editor-in-Chief of Intellectual Property and Innovation Magazine, holds the position of the Senior Advisor of the Union; Ms. Maria Phan - Chairman of the Board of OpenLive Investment & Development Joint Stock Company and Founder of OpenLive NFT Marketplace, becomes Permanent Vice President of the Union.

Members of the Standing Committee perform the ceremony.

Liên minh đã thu hút và quy tụ 18 thành viên bao gồm: FUNDGO, UFIN, OpenLive, ONUS, Omedia, Netkiin, Stech, HanaGold, CRVN Capital, Run Together, Bami Pawn Shop, DTS, TSS, Samaki Power, C2S Capital, Tạp chí Sở hữu Trí tuệ và Sáng tạo, Realbox. Tại đây, các thành viên Liên minh đã tiến hành ký kết hợp tác. Cụ thể, OpenLive đã ký kết hợp tác cùng các đơn vị như Ufin, Liên minh Chuyển đổi số DTS, Quỹ đầu tư Khởi nghiệp Sáng tạo FUNDGO, CRVN Capital; Liên minh Chuyển đổi số DTS ký kết hợp tác cùng Playground. Việc ký kết đã đánh dấu cột mốc mới trong mối quan hệ hợp tác và đồng hành lâu dài giữa các đơn vị trong việc xây dựng và thúc đẩy cộng đồng NFT phát triển bền vững trong tương lai.  

FUNDGO signs cooperation agreements with other members, aiming to support NFT projects.

Speaking at the program, Mr. Vuong Le Vinh Nhan shared, "Currently, it is extremely necessary to gather resources and connect organizations to jointly promote the development of the NFT industry in Vietnam. The formation of the NFT Union marks an important milestone and a new step for tech lovers. As a member of the Union, FUNDGO will maximize its role and support the organization to access resources and create a favorable environment for individuals and businesses to connect with investment funds, hence delivering practical benefits to the Vietnamese NFT market.”

Mr. Vuong Le Vinh Nhan Co-Founder & CEO of FUNDGO, Chairman of NFT Union speaks at the event.

With a clear vision and mission, the Union will create enormous value for the community as well as develop a stronger and more breakthrough NFT market, enabling Vietnam to become a bright spot on the world blockchain map. 

Here are some images from the event:



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